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Knowledge Base - How do I change the background colors on the input sections?

To change the colors used as backgrounds to the input sections, you need to edit the KJESiteSpecific.js file and change the line below (note that this line in your actual file should not have any line returns):

KJE.colorList=["#eeeeee", "#ccccff", "#cccccc", "#BE4262", "#FABB50", "#DDCCDD", "#CCCCCC", "#CCCCDD", "#CCDDCC", "#CCDDDD", "#CCCCDD"];

This color list 10 has HEX color codes used in order by the calculators. Most calculators only use the first two colors defined. You can change any of these colors, but they need to be HEX codes.

You can use this page to help select HEX colors to use in your page.

You can also control the behavior of the input sections on a calculator by calculator basis by adding the code above to a specific calculator's PARAMS file. For example, for the Mortgage Loan Calculator you would add these lines to the MortgageLoanParams.js file.

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