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Knowledge Base - How can I put the definitions in a different location on the page?

We hold definition contents in the variable: KJE.DefinitionText You can use this variable to insert the definition text to a different location on your page. For example here is the Javascript that would need to run after the calculator initializes (this code assumes you have created a DIV with the ID YourDefinitionLocation):

var oDefinitions = document.getElementById("YourDefinitionLocation"); 
oDefinitions.innerHTML = KJE.DefinitionText;

We have created a "hook" that lets you define the function KJE.customInit and this will be called immediately after the end of our normal initialization to allow to load content like the above. You most likely would need to set the variable ShowDefinitions to false so that two copies of the definitions would not appear on the page. For example, to get the definition text and put it into a div with the ID YourDefinitionLocation you would need to put the function below in the KJESiteSpecific.js file:

KJE.ShowDefinitions = false; 
KJE.customInit = function() { 
var oDefinitions = document.getElementById("YourDefinitionLocation"); 
oDefinitions.innerHTML = KJE.DefinitionText; 




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