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Knowledge Base - How can I change the graph size, colors and fonts?

The KJESiteSpecific.js file as the variables required to change many aspects of the graph. Simply edit values of the variables in the KJESiteSpecific.js file to make these changes (note that all of the code lines below are in the file already, you only need to change the value after the = sign.)

Graph fonts: There are three graph fonts and their associated attributes used by the graphs. Editing the values of these variables in the KJESiteSpecific.js file will change the font face, style and size.

        KJE.gFont = ["Helvetica","Helvetica","Helvetica"]; 


        KJE.gFontStyle = ["bold","bold",""]; 


        KJE.gFontSize = [13,10,10];


Graph Height: You can adjust the height of the graphs in the main calculator and the report with these two variables:

        KJE.gHeight = 250;


      KJE.gHeightReport = 350;

Additional color variables that you can adjust include:

        KJE.gColorBackground ="#FFFFFF";


        KJE.gColorForeground ="#000000"; 


        KJE.gColorGrid ="#BBBBBB"; 


        KJE.gColorGridBackground1 ="#FFFFFF"; 


        KJE.gColorGridBackground2 ="#CCCCCC"; 


        KJE.gColorAxisLine ="#666666"; 


      KJE.gColorText ="#000000";


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